Sunday, 28 September 2014

September Insta-Updates

Instagram will always be my favourite way of sharing the pretty snippets of my life. Here's the month of September in images.

1) I've picked up new bed sheets, a shirt and scarf from Primark recently, their new collection is so impressive! I also went to the other extreme and nearly broke the bank when I "invested" in a Zara bag. (Using the word invest makes me feel so much better about this decision) 
2) My mum sent me some pictures of the dog because she knew how much I've been missing the little scamp whilst being at university.
3) Spotting the Sartorialist at Somerset House, LFW. 

1) Spending my spare time taking flat-lay shots, because why not?
2) Walking the little monster. It was the first day I noticed the leaves had changed!
3) Lazy days sporting a birthday present. You can never have a bad day when you're wearing a t-shirt covered in Ryan Gosling's face, right?

1) Celebrating my birthday in a different style. We skipped the main course and went straight in with homemade desserts. 
2) Freaking out because I'm finally 18!
3) Making rice crispie squares for the blog. So. Good. 

I'm always looking for more instagram accounts to follow so leave your username in the comments! Follow me to see what I'm up to in October (I refuse to believe the year has gone so quick) 

Monday, 22 September 2014

Day One

I'm still really not awake, but we'll try this anyway. My first few days of Freshers are done, and I have a lecture starting at 10am. Day one of university, let's do this! (I wish I was so enthusiastic in person, but the whole 4 hours of sleep thing is not treating me so well.) 

Tying a check shirt round my waist is my new favourite thing to do. I figure if Essie Button does it, it's got to be cool, right? But anyway, I'm going to wrap it up here, (unintentional Essie Button reference, I swear) and have a slow wander around to my lecture building. The Sun is out, but I have a feeling that it's going to be deceptively cold this morning. Autumn is here, people. 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Grey Area

Wearing: Skirt, Tee, Boots - Primark. Bag - Zara. 

Hello internet, the outfit posts are back! I had a mini hiatus from my usual content because 1) My wardrobe was feeling very uninspiring after a major clear-out (and I mean major. It was only a matter of time before it happened though, and Anna's video was the final push) and 2) Why not shake up what appears on TM?

The countdown has officially begun- I only have 3 nights left in my bed before I move out. The fact that I can't take my bed with me seriously upsets me, by the way. I guess this means that I need to start packing and step away from all the London Fashion Week vlogs on YouTube?